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Morning Buzz — Sept. 21, 2009

A daily digest of what’s going on in Fredericksburg, and what news from elsewhere is relevant here. Send suggestions to

Big houses. A few years ago, fear of "McMansions" being built in older neighborhoods was a hot topic in Fredericksburg. A story in last week’s Time magazine asks, "What do we do with our McMansions now?" Group homes (Remember Your Bridge in Kensington Hill?), community centers, churches and small businesses are some of the suggested new uses. In Fredericksburg, add university offices to that list.

Sewer work starts this week, and will close the intersection of Lafayette Boulevard and Kenmore Avenue for an estimated two weeks, before continuing toward William Street on Kenmore. To learn more about how this three- to four-month project will affect traffic and property owners, go to the second-floor conference room in City Hall sometime between 4:30 and 7 p.m. today. Public works officials will be holding a drop-in informational meeting. 


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  • lgross

    I think part of the issue is whether or not a
    structure “fits” with the adjoining residences and
    neighborhood regardless where it is a single
    family home or a multi home.

    They actually make multi-family apartments
    disguised as large homes but they “fit” their

    On the other hand – when we say “mixed use”,
    what do we mean? Do we want commercial
    disguised as residential or vice-versa?

    a building with first floor commercial and upper
    floors residential is distinct and you don’t know
    for sure if the upper floors are residential or

    Ditto with a skyscraper where some floors are
    commercial and some residential … but you
    would not put a skyscraper in a neighborhood of
    modest sized homes and claim it to be a good