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Mayor: Oktoberfest is “necessary step into the future.”

Mayor Tom Tomzak sent out this letter this morning to City Council members about the downtown debate over Oktoberfest. He writes a little about the fact that after Caroline Street merchants were told about the plans to close a block of the street for Oktoberfest back in July, objections were raised about the location.

Tomzak writes:


I pondered the situation.  First, I looked at the needs of the City regarding revenue.  We are soon entering the toughest time of the year – when we all want to enhance the quality of life in the City, pay for core services and not raise taxes.  Second, we desire to increase pedestrian traffic.  The street is owned and maintained by the citizens of Fredericksburg.  I concluded that the best interest of the City required the event to move forward and I suggested that the merchant proceed.

He also talks about the need for downtown venues to host special events, and the proposed development of the riverfront park. 


Where is the organized public support from the downtown merchants on the River Front, which would almost certainly be a benefit to them?

In response to that, Rob Grogan, the city liaison for Downtown Retail Marketing Inc., sent out another e-mail saying DRMI supports the riverfront park plans (That is not a unanimous view among downtown merchants.). Grogan wrote:

DRMI’s Board of Directors will discuss how to implement its marketing plans to include the river front park when it is completed, and will help prepare our membership for the opportunities the river front will afford them to enhance their businesses and attract new customers. With those objectives in mind, we fully support the concept and intentions of the river front park and look forward to its completion.

Look for more in the paper this weekend about the ongoing discussion about special events, which have been a core component of other downtowns’ revitalization.



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  • lgross

    what are the objections?

  • Minuteman

    Shortly after Capitol Ale House opened, a good
    friend of mine suggested that antique shops
    should stay open ’til 2am. The theory is that
    after an evening of swilling really good, but really
    expensive beer, impaired customers will make
    impulse purchases.

    So, instead of waking up with a painful tattoo,
    it’s, “Dude, I have such a headache and how did
    I end up with this English Sheraton children’s
    chair circa 1830?!?”

    If they’re savvy, the Big Antiques lobby of
    downtown Fredericksburg ought to strongly
    support Oktoberfest!

  • jlwillard1

    Too funny! Agree that the surrounding shops should take advantage of an event that they didn’t pay for and host side events at their own stores with the Oktoberfest theme.

  • mydar

    Or as near as one could get to the theoretical concept of unanimity when homo sapien sapiens are involved. Fickle and opinionated species they.

    But, between you, me and grandmas’ roller blades – it was the process – or lack thereof that was responsible for the hackle raising. This sense that is so common often is not so much (apologies to Voltaire).

    Not to discount the apparent Nostradamus-like talent of our own Burgermeister Meister Burger, who not only can see the future, but apparently can also see ethereal obligations in cryptic contracts invisible to the eyes of mere mortals. The show must go on Huxley! Entropy rules!

    The point is, have you ever ridden an elevator with Adam Smith? The cad has gotten his faced slapped more than once by an offended damsel after he pulled that, “invisible hand” shtick. I’d call it plain rude. Stiglitz would just shake his head and say, “Smith, you are so asymmetric.”

    Heisenberg wasn’t uncertain. He was confused. But he was never a Bohr.

    Weekend to do list: Clear the gutters, spread mulch, sound my barbaric YAWP, find out how much Beethoven owed to Joy.

  • MAVRICKinc

    Thanks for plunking your magic twanger, froggy.

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