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Wednesday news bits

- The dog park re-opened yesterday, with its newly built shade shelter. This project was made possible by the Fredericksburg Dog Owners Group. Check out their Web site here for more information on the park, rules and pictures.

- Beer lovers and street-closing-haters (I know you’re out there) should put Oct. 3 on their calendars. Capital Ale House will host its Oktoberfest street party that day. It will close the 900 block of Caroline Street from noon to 10 p.m. For more details on the event, and a schedule of the festivities, see the press release here.

- Speaking of street festivals, I’ve heard lots of comments lately from folks who would like to see the city (or a downtown group) close Caroline more often to hold events that will draw people and activity to downtown. A reader shared this story from the Lynchburg News & Advance about an event Lynchburg’s downtown Main Street group is launching this year for college students, to make sure they check out downtown while they’re moving in and getting acquainted with their new home.  

- As I am writing this, Keith Epps is singing "In by 10 dirty, clean by 4:30," at the desk next to me." That’s the well-known jingle for Kenmore Cleaners, which, as we reported in today’s paper, closed yesterday. If you’ve got clothes there, you should stop by today. Former owner Darren Dole and his wife plan to be there to make sure people get their clothes back. 

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  • mydar

    Em — What are the chances that the FLS would invest in a competent hosting service and get a complete redesign of its Web site?

    The FLS Web site design layout and navigation is a train wreck — really really bad. Understand that the FLS is not the Wall Street Journal, but for the love of Pete, there are some standard web page tenets that the industry follows. (AND STOPING PUTTING SOME TEXT IN CAPS!!!!!!!!)

    Is there something we can do? A telethon maybe? A bake sale? PLEASE!!!!!!

  • EmilyBattle

    We have been having some problems with the site over the past few days. I would encourage you to share your frustrations with our Managing Editor for the Web, Brian Baer, at (I know I do). I hope we can make this site work better for you and everyone else.

  • MAVRICKinc

    am I to assume mydar is also einstein or has more than one platform to deliver his insights and dialogue from?

    Don’t mind me. I’m just trying to develope my own players list, instead of talking to the the many disguises that subornes the very nature and foundation of open communication.

    One caveat though. I don’t mind talking to the ghost and disguised for want of being found out on what they, the ghost, REALLY think.

    Fact of the matter is, I can enter a room set for debate and find the room empty, with the opposing party speaking out from yet another room, insulated against any and all accountabily for the conclusions they wish to draw, from the “other side.”

    I used to be MAVRICKinc and still am until the FLS chose to change the authorship of my blog comments to MGWORK; all of them. You can call me Marty or anything else you may wish to call out. The last name is spelled WORK, just like you do it every day.

    If I’m not mistaken, at least for the present time, YOU have my address, e-mail web site and phone number.

    I can only assume mydar/einstein has made his way to those in charge of the malfunctioning FLS web site. I would like to think the FLS will eventually make it to the 21st century before being kicked to the curb for want of substantive journalistic credibility.

    I’m certain the FLS will continue to work toward this end. The only question to be asked is WHEN?

    It’s not that they’re too big to fail, it’s who’s covering the action and the most to lose. I can assure you, Hathaway interprises is not going to let that happen

    Since I’ve spoken to the subject, times before now, I’ll let the chips fall where they may.

    I like to think of the Free Lance-Star as nothing more than a foregone conclusion, without the drama.

    Anyone who wishes to shout out their disappointments with the FLS, is welcomed to do so. However I’m assured there is nothing to worry about; it’s just a matter of money and time catching up with itself.

    History will record everything else.