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Guest Post: Dog park closed for construction

Eddie the dog"Eddie," a canine city resident, asked if I could post the following for city dogs and dog owners:

"The dog park closed Tuesday, but don’t worry, it’s going to open back up after a construction crew builds a shelter so all of our owners don’t get too hot while we’re playing.

Your owners will probably like it that this isn’t a taxpayer-funded project. The Fredericksburg Dog Owners Group raised about  $40,000 for the shelter, which will have benches for people to sit on and a recycled rubber floor (Yeah, I pay attention to that stuff, even though I’m a dog.).

The work is supposed to take five days, so we should all be able to go back to the park early next week.

The group is going to hold a big event to open the shelter on Sept. 12 at 10 a.m. I hope they have treats! That’s all for now, except could somebody tell me why my dog tag is shaped like a cat?"

Thank you, Eddie. We’ll have a little more on this in next week’s City and Spotsy Extra section. 


  • mydar

    and we all know dogs are horrible spellers.

  • EmilyBattle

    It’s true, Eddie is exceptional.

  • mydar

    I mean, he can type!! On a computer! For a Blog! That’s AWESOME!

    You know how hard that is to that without opposable thumbs! (And I take back what I said about dogs – this pooch clearly has the spelling thing down pat.)