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City resident comes to ridiculed wall’s defense

In case you missed it, a letter in Sunday’s paper offered a response to the frenzy of smack-talk that was going around a few weeks ago about the faux stone wall that was installed as a pedestrian barrier on Princess Anne Street by the train station.

City resident Priscilla Sheeley wrote that she found the multi-colored wall "delightful" and:

Why anyone would want to paint that wall some drab color, making it difficult to see or easy to hit or run into is beyond me.

When I look at the above picture (taken by Matt Kelly, used with permission), what stands out to me as ugly is the stained, deteriorating concrete bridge that holds up the train tracks above the wall. Cracking ugly jokes about this city landmark is not a new Fredericksburg passtime. Transportation reporter Kelly Hannon will fill us in in tomorrow’s paper about when you can expect to see some improvements on that front.

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  • MAVRICKinc

    Mydar and myself (Mavrickinc) had entirely too much fun when this subject was first brought to public attention. If I recall we were asked to leave the last post. We bowed out with just a little reluctance, but gave way to your tweet.

    And you thought this subject/issue was going to go away. I can hear your amazement all the way from here. The laughter you hear in the back ground will be mine. Have fun with this. It called an anomly of nature; human nature

  • mydar

    . . .has there been such a colossal opportunity for consensus and rectitude in the Old Dominion. Bully, I say! Bully for Fredericksburg’s own Stonehenge

    Why, I recall that brisk day, November 9th 1989, when another famous Wall was the focus of the world’s attention, as two parts of a divided nation came together under the stirring strains of Beethoven’s, “Freude, schöner Götterfunken.”(Full disclosure: I have never met Copernicus, but I have left several messages.) Let us also meet on the top our Wall and sing with verve and vigor of our new freedom.

    Let France have her Effel’s tower; Britain, her Big Ben; Andorra, her world’s largest cruller– we shall proudly present to the world Jackson Pollock’s most famous work A rampart of many colors!

  • thatguyb

    Has no one noticed that the ‘colorful’ wall matches at least part of Caroline St? Go stand on the top deck of the parking garage and look over to Caroline and you’ll see a row of colorfully painted houses/businesses. You know, that wall kinda grows on you after a while (I was one who originally commented on who in the world ordered THAT set of colors). Although some of the landscaping on top is looking pretty pitiful.