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*Intersection of Charles and Dixon streets closed*

A major sanitary sewer line burst under Charles Street last night (I know, ewww…) and as a result, the intersection of Charles, Princess Anne and Dixon streets will be closed at least through Sunday. Here’s how city public works officials are advising you to get around it:

- If you are trying to go south on either Charles or Princess Anne to take Routes 2 & 17 (In other words, if you are going out of town): 

- Take Lafayette Boulevard south from either Charles or Princess Anne to the Blue and Gray Parkway.

- Turn left onto the Parkway.

- Take the ramp from Blue and Gray to southbound Dixon Street. 

-  If you are trying to go north on Dixon Street into downtown, things are a little easier. Just stay in the right lane before you get to the intersection with Charles Street and turn right at the intersection to proceed to Caroline Street. Turn left on Caroline and you’re headed downtown.

The sewer line is about 18 feet underground, so it could take a while to dig down to it and fix it. Public works officials are projecting this detour will remain in effect through Sunday. 


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  • glasshouse

    This leaves the unanswered questions that a good reporter will furnish as a follow up:
    Everyone knows that 18 feet deep sewer lines don’t just ‘burst’, so what action caused this line to burst? How much money did it take to fix this catastraphic failure? Who is going to pay for this? Inquiring minds are looking to our city beat reporter for the answers.