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Why is that road into Wegmans closed?

With all the traffic jams I’ve seen inside Wegmans over the past week, it’s natural that people want the roads leading to the store to flow as freely as possible. We’ve been getting a lot of questions about why the intersection of Gordon W. Shelton Boulevard and Fall Hill Avenue is blocked off.

That intersection can’t open until the Silver Cos., the developers of the entire Celebrate Virginia complex, build a stoplight there (Can you really imagine turning left out of there without one?).

According to Charlie Kilpatrick, Silver’s vice president for commercial construction, the developer is still working to get easements on the land across Fall Hill Avenue, which it does not own, so that it can install parts of the traffic light there. This light will be designed to accommodate the future development of the land across the street, and the planned widening of Fall Hill Avenue, whenever that happens.

(Business writer Cathy Jett wrote about the property across Fall Hill from this intersection, which is owned by the Graves family. Read that story here.)

Kilpatrick said Silver is still in negotiations to get those easements. He wasn’t sure exactly how long that would take, but once the developer has access to the property, it should take about three weeks to build the stoplight. After that, the intersection should be fully functional for left and right turns.

We can’t say the same for the intersection of the deli counter and packaged meat aisles inside the grocery store. 

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  • borisw

    Are you kidding? First, if you don’t own the land on one side of the street, PUT THE LIGHT ON THE SIDE YOU OWN!!!!! Second and biggest problem, do you think the light will help or hurt? Whoever at VDOT decides how/when to charge the lights really has a problem. The one at Wegman’s case in point. Lights should change when needed NOT JUST AFTER SO MANY MINUTES.