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Found: New city revenue source

I don’t usually get into food here, but I thought city readers would appreciate the fact that the cracks in Fredericksburg’s sidewalks and several of the downtown tree wells are bursting with what is apparently a very trendy money crop.

Our Food section today featured a story about finding edible greens in your own backyard (Many thanks to Downtown Greens‘ Laura Shepherd for guiding us through this, and thanks to Mary Jane O’Neill of the EDA for the story idea. The EDA has now generated two recent FLS Food stories, which is way more than the City Council has generated. Here‘s the other EDA food story.).

Apparently we were on to something, because on the same day, The Wall Street Journal ran this story about how weeds are becoming quite trendy, and not necessarily because they’re cheap–dandelion greens are going for $9 a pound up in D.C. The story also offers this tidbit about a retailer that will be opening in the city June 21:

Grocery chain Wegmans Food Markets Inc. has seen a 25% increase in sales of dandelion greens for the year to date from the year-earlier period.

So why not turn the greens into green? DRMI could pick the dandelion greens (and other plants–see here for some ideas) out of all of the downtown tree planters and sell them to Wegmans to try to make up for some of the $2,000 the city cut from its budget this year. The city could cut public works costs and raise revenue at the same time by just letting the weeds grow in the sidewalks, and selling them at the farmers market on Saturdays. The city could even call it "Courthouse Salad Mix" to raise money for the giant capital project looming in Fredericksburg.

(In case it isn’t obvious, I am not for real here, I am just trying to provide you with a nice Wednesday afternoon break from reality. I do not think dandelion greens are the answer to keeping your real estate taxes low.)



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