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Running blogs on the Historic Half

Overall, it sounds like people liked the race organization, could have done with less rain and were trying hard to save money on hotels. From their dispatches we learn:

- The race’s rule that you couldn’t pick up packets on race-day did force a few people to shell out money for a hotel room (Since the race entry fee increased this year from $60 to $90, this was probably an unwelcome development for some folks.). Shannon of "Shannon Says" reports:

Fredericksburg is about a 1 hour drive from my home, assuming there’s no traffic (which is a deadly assumption in the northern Virginia / Washington DC area). Packet pickup was only on Saturday – we could not just show up Sunday morning. Rather than making two trips within 12 hours, my fiancé Mike and I stayed in a cheap seedy motel in Fredericksburg. I think the $50 was worth the extra sleep … I would say that it would be nice to do the same race again next year, but it was kind of a pain that it was so far away and that we couldn’t pick up our packets that morning. I am going to try to find something in DC for next year.

- A writer at the blog "Bogans Heroes" dropped some cash in Central Park, though I’m not sure I’d have made the same pre-race meal choice:

Had dinner at Bailey’s Pub right on one of the streets that we would run the next day. Smithwick’s Ale in the pint size and a cheddar burger with fries. Fantastic pre-race dinner.

- People felt like the race organizers had it together. Daniel of "Tales of a Media Addict" writes:

And what a difference competant management can make. Adequate water, poweraide, and even sports beans at one point. None of this running out of cups crap like at the National Marathon. Strong presense of volunteers, no shortage of medical personnel, and a well organized ending. It was downright refreshing.
- Give the "MCM Mama" some credit for running the half one day after racing a 5k. She reports that she stayed in Celebrate Virginia, and city tourism officials would be proud that she drove in to downtown to dine at Capital Ale House with her family, not denying herself a pre-race beer. I am sure she’s not the only one saying this, though:
The hill at mile 11 is living hell.  Seriously.  Then there was another in the middle of mile 12.
Congratulations to all the finishers.