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Get on your bikes and ride

Mayor Tom Tomzak read a proclamation tonight making Friday "Bike-to-Work Day," when folks are supposed to leave their cars at home and ride their bikes to work. (If you are tapering for the Marine Corps Historic Half, you might get a free pass, but I’d ask the mayor.)

Councilman George Solley apparently noticed that the mayor had a smile on his face when he read the proclamation (You know, that look that says, "Yeah, right, like this is going to happen."), and he called him out on it.

"I simply wanted to point out that, one, the use of bikes around the city is becoming more common," Solley said. "And I would urge that the city staff and this body set the example this Friday and get on their bicycles and ride to work."

"I am sure you will lead the way, sir," he said to Tomzak.

"I  will certainly try, but I’ve got five different places to go that day," Tomzak said.

So if you see Tomzak or Solley in cars on Friday, be sure to give them a funny look. But try to do it from your bike.

(I am giving myself a free pass, too, though, because biking on Gordon Road in Spotsylvania is just asking for a trip to the emergency room.)



  • aflusche

    I’m all for bicycling. I’m an avid cyclist, and I even used to cycle to work a fair amount. (Now I work out of my home office; that’s about as eco-friendly as it gets.)

    However, the hypocrisy of politicians drives me nuts! “Bike to work day” is a great plan, but Tomzak should be prepared to pedal himself around town that day. I wonder if he even owns a bicycle.

    This silly proclamation just gets under my skin. What we really need are citizens who understand that bikes have the right to be on the road. No honking or shouting is necessary.

    By the way, Gordon Road is bike-able. You just have to keep your head down, pedal hard, and take the lane when needed. :)


  • jplynch

    Good for the mayor for promoting Bike to Work Day. Hopefully the surrounding counties will follow his lead.
    We need to work toward safe streets and facilities so every day can be bike day! One day it will be the normal way to get around! Can’t wait. It’ll do my waist line some good, not to mention my gas bill!