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Ward 3 seat will be up for grabs in 2010

UPDATE (12:49 P.M.): Matt Kelly has suggested replacing the word "verbose" in this blog post with any number of other adjectives, including "articulate, witty, maybe sarcastic on occasion, … inspiring, straightforward and soulful." Those are his suggestions, but if you know of other adjectives you think would be better in that blank, please feel free to leave them in the comments. I do strive for accuracy in word selection. 

Matt Kelly repeated at a meeting last night that he will not run for a third term as the Ward 3 councilman in 2010. This is not news. Kelly said as soon as he won reelection in 2006 that he wouldn’t seek a third term. But clearly the past three years have not made him change his mind.

The matter came up because council members were talking about who should serve on some state local government committees. Kelly said he’d stay out of them because he only has one year left on the council.

Kelly tends to be one of the more verbose council members at meetings, and even after he says he’s through talking about something, he has been known to jump back into discussion, so Mayor Tom Tomzak wondered whether Kelly’s decision not to run again was truly his final answer.

"Is this up there with, ‘I got one more thing to say and I’ll be quiet?’" Tomzak joked.

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  • tpkeller

    Communicative: Inclined to communicate readily; talkative.

    Verbose: Using or containing a great and usually an excessive number of words; wordy.

    I would suppose it is the “excessive” portion of the definition that he opposes. Perhaps communicative is a little more palatable.

  • kelly058

    When Billy Withers was on Council he kept a 3-minute egg timer at his seat that he would turn over when I started speaking. After 3-minutes he started kicking me under the table. In deference to Billy’s I would wind down. When he left the egg timer went with him. Since then I just assumed council members had come to revere my oratory talents.

  • tpkeller

    Perhaps you should try to adopt a style closer to the George Clooney or John Goodman characters in the movie “O Brother Where Art Thou?” “The gift of gab”, I believe Clooney’s character called it. It would certainly be entertaining, and eventually the cable channel ratings of City Council meetings would surpass regularly scheduled programs! Then people would learn much more about what actually needs to be done to run a city…