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Where the extra money for nonprofits would go

Here‘s the list that lays out (in the column marked "For Review FY 2010") how an extra $150,000 would be distributed among nonprofits. (Sorry the second page is upside-down, but the only groups that changed on the second page are the arts commission, the rescue squad and the George Washington Regional Commission.)

At Tuesday night’s budget hearing, council members heard from many of the groups on this list that had been cut completely from the original proposed budget. Mayor Tom Tomzak said at the beginning of the meeting that with times so tight this year, the council would have to focus on the groups that serve "acute human needs" if it were to find any extra money to give to these groups.

The extra $150,000 comes from the $400,000 the city would get by raising the real estate tax to 60 cents instead of the originally proposed 59 cents (the rate is 56 cents now).

As you can see on the list, city staff proposed restoring some funds across the board, so that under the new proposal just about every group would get a cut of between 15 percent and 50 percent compared to what they got from the city this year. This is a lot less drastic than the original proposal, which would have cut many groups completely out of the budget.

Matt Kelly last night took issue with the way the extra money was distributed. He asked why groups like the Sister Cities Association, the Heritage Festival and the Bluemont Concert series should get more money when times are so dire, and the real need seemed to be with the human-services-focused groups. Council members seemed to agree to accept the staff’s recommendation, though.


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