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FEA rep asks for money for museum, not schools

Shirley Cordell-Robinson, head of the Fredericksburg Education Association, just spent most of her five minutes asking council members to give more money not to the city schools, but to the Fredericksburg Area Museum and Cultural Center. She told council members she was "pleased with what you are doing to avoid diminishing the standards of living" for school teachers, but then began asking the council to give more money to the museum.

The museum asked for $130,000, and is proposed to get $90,500. The schools were cut $1 million in the budget proposal.

The three museum speakers who have been at the podium in the last few minutes present a contrast to the speakers that preceded them. They came after a representative from ARC of Rappahannock pleaded for funding for a dental program that she said saves the lives of mentally disabled residents in the city who have no other place to get dental care. She said that program won’t continue without city funding. The museum made a plea based on what it does for economic development in the city.

Peter Dunning, who just spoke on behalf of the Bluemont Concert Series, which the budget proposal cut completely, noted the difference between the basic human-services agencies and the ones that are a little more entertainment-focused. He asked the council to consider each program individually on its own merits. 

"I don’t think it’s necessarily a ‘them or us’ situation. If that were the case I wouldn’t make the request," Dunning said, but he asked for some level of funding for the city to avoid bringing an end to the concert series in Fredericksburg. 

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