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Another thing you don’t see at Fredericksburg budget hearings

It’s amazing how exciting you can make government meetings look when you dress them up with dramatic music and commentary. This video is from a show called "TruTV," which seems to be a collection of goofy government stories. You never know when one of the many tapes of Fredericksburg meetings could make it to Hollywood.

I also thought this was appropriate to share today, since NCAA basketball starts back up tonight, and we’ll inevitably see some players taking dives like this public works director did in order to get fouls called on their opponents (especially when Duke plays Villanova tonight at 10pm). I just hope their sense of timing is a little better than this woman’s.

One more observation: I am pretty sure the last time I heard the name "Jim Dear" is when I was 7 and watched Disney’s "Lady and the Tramp."


  • lgross

    of such shenanigans… to spice up the

    I keep waiting for you guys to start “twittering” …
    even sending video caps… for us poor bored

  • EmilyBattle

    Well, what would you rather sit through, a 30-minute argument over what your house has to abut to appeal to the ARB, or Jerry Springer lite?

  • lgross

    you got it. I don’t blame you (or me or Dan)
    one bit.

    there has got to be some reward for sitting
    through hours of blather…