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Wilder still says Slavery Museum will be in Fredericksburg

Former Richmond Mayor Douglas Wilder spoke to a Richmond TV station and wrote a post on a state political blog yesterday. In both, he says the U.S. National Slavery Museum will be built in Fredericksburg. From his post on the Virginia Tomorrow blog:

The Museum Board is committed to its stated and moral obligations to the Fredericksburg community and its legal representatives.

We have over thirty nine beautiful acres in Fredericksburg, a much appreciated gift from the Silver Company. Our architects, engineers, planners and contractors have brought us to the point of the eventual construction of the first phases, to accompany the Freedom Garden there on display. The only thing that delays us is the next funding.

The economic conditions in our national not only have had the effect of job losses, mortgage foreclosures, and other financial problems, the likes of which we have not seen in over seventy years. This puts a damper and almost a clamp on charitable donations.

So does the fact that the museum allowed its registration to solicit donations in this state to expire last year.

UPDATE (2:25 p.m.): I just got off the phone with a spokeswoman with the Virginia Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services, and she reports that the state Office of Consumer Affairs has spoken with Wilder’s office today. Wilder’s office has told the state it will file all of the needed paperwork for a new registration to solicit charitable contributions by March 20. 

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  • historylover

    When is this farce going to end? This effort, weak as it has been, is dead in the water. Why can’t Wilder just admit it and move on?

  • steveshaner

    and making it disappear. Why quit now?

  • runnwlf

    Wilder has a lot of questions that need to be answered. Why isn’t he doing that for the taxpayers in the fredericksburg area.

    Why make a post in a blog vs. speaking with the local representation?

  • platepresser

    I bet you we meaning America will be paying for this Museum at some point otherwise it will not get built.

  • mydar

    Indoor Waterpark Resorts Grow and Face Challenges in 2009 — Hotel & Leisure Advisors Consulting Report

    From the report:
    “…due to the current challenges of finding financing and investors for these entertainment-related projects, most projects are in a holding pattern.” Included in this report is a table listing all water parks slated to to open in the U.S, in 2009. Kalahari in Fredericksburg is not on the list

  • EmilyBattle

    Mydar, fyi, Kalahari’s projected opening date is by the end of 2010, however that is in question as the project continues to seek financing. When Kalahari first announced its plans in Nov. 2007, it said it would open by the end of ’09, but that quickly changed to 2010 by the time Kalahari signed its performance agreement with the city, about a year ago.