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Happy Friday Eve

I’ve been out for a bit, but here are a few notes:

- If USNSM exists, Richmond wants it. Neither Pam Gould nor the Times-Dispatch has been able to turn up any sign of a pulse from the U.S. National Slavery Museum, and after reading Pam’s story, the T-D found a few Richmond officials who repeated claims they’ve made before that such a museum should be located in Richmond, at the site of a former slave jail. Nobody involved can seem to get ahold of museum founder Doug Wilder, though.

- What happened to the courts conversation? If you’re wondering why you haven’t heard much talk about where to build a new city courthouse and how much to spend on it lately, that’s because the city has a request for proposals out seeking architects who can study and design courtbuilding scenarios on downtown land the city already owns, as discussed here. The RFP deadline is March 18, and it will take some time after that to choose a firm. City officials said at a meeting earlier this month they expect the council to have the information to choose a location sometime in June.

- Could court fees pay for new building? On a related note the Virginian-Pilot has a story today about a bill Norfolk city officials asked for, which they think could help cities pay for a new court building by raising fees on court cases. The bill appears likely to pass. This money could only be used on new buildings, though, not renovations, even if the building to be renovated is not currently a courthouse. 



  • mydar

    The Slavery museum’s Web site is still live, so someone is paying for hosting. The contacts page lists DCPR, a PR agency as the contact. DCPR’s web site lists the Slavery museum as a client, so someone is paying them. The donors list is fairly lengthy, including listing Larry Silver as a million dollar donor. What does Mr. Sliver have to say about the current state of the museum? They also list the City of Fredericksburg, and the Fredericksburg Public Schools as ($500 – $999) donors?? This is a hot story waiting to be popped FLS, jump on it!

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