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The Wall Street Journal has a story this morning about all of the requests cities around the country have filed with the U.S. Conference of Mayors, in one of many efforts to get at the hundreds of billions of dollars the federal government appears ready to dole out to so-called "stimulus" projects.

From this and other reports on the "stimulus" negotiations, we are learning that when somebody else’s money is up for grabs, just about anything can be labeled "potential stimulus." Shreveport, La., wants new Harley Davidson motorcycles for its police force, because HD is a "great American company." Las Vegas wants $2 million for neon signs in the parts of Las Vegas that don’t already meet Vegas standards for being gaudy enough.

We’ve reported on regional efforts to get in on the haul. Dan Telvock wrote about some of Spotsylvania’s requests here. Kelly Hannon wrote about regional transportation needs that could fit the bill here.  

Fredericksburg submitted its own list of projects to the Conference of Mayors. You can find it here. It’s a bit of a kitchen-sink approach, (just like Virginia Beach’s $1 billion worth of requests). One term we’ve heard tossed around as a qualifier for stimulus projects is "shovel ready." Well, in the case of the $60 million for a new courthouse Fredericksburg put on its list, the City Council hasn’t even decided yet where the shovel should go.


  • thatguyb

    If I were a betting man – IMHO if the $60M were available, it would be the PO site (pending some soil studies). If the city residents are going to have to foot the full bill ($3k per resident), then look for change of venue to something cheaper, but probably more short term. Less backlash from the voters that way… But hey, if the feds are willing to kick in funding, go for the big pie. I’ve heard several ppl say the judicial branch should help find some funds since they are the ones levying requirements on the project.