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Even more courts talk

Matt Kelly has a thread going on FredTalk about whether to move forward on the courts.

You can access it and particicpate here.

In it, he says a little more about how he feels about the possibility of Fredericksburg being ordered by the courts to build the courts:

"Judges do not have the staff, expertise, or inclination to take over the project. Other than ordering a courthouse built they are content to have the locality handle the execution (excuse the pun). In our case, the preliminary design has already been signed off on by the judges. There won’t be any running up of the bill."

And a from a post today:

"As I said last night we all understand the issues with the courts. What I want the judges to understand is the financial condition of the City and the impacts this project may have on it. The argument that the judges have been flexible is irrelevant. The question is whether that flexibility will be there if our financial situation does not change in the next year or two. I have asked the judges involved both in private and in public whether, if we continue to find ourselves in a tight financial position, we can push the project back. My frustration is that I can’t get an answer. All I am told is we have to build it. I’m hopeful that we can continue to move this project forward without a court action. That will be the case if ALL parties recognize ALL the issues involved."

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