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Stafford wants to get in the incentives game

Jonas Beals reports this morning that Stafford County is talking about creating a technology zone.

That’s the same tool Fredericksburg has used to offer incentives to businesses over the past year and a half. Actually, Fredericksburg has both a technology zone (around the Idlewild property and Route 3 corridor) and two tourism zones (around Celebrate Virginia and downtown).

They are word-for-word the same thing, but technology zones are aimed at "tech" businesses, and tourism zones are aimed at tourist-focused businesses, which we have learned can include everything from a waterpark hotel to a wine and tapas bar to a craft beer specialty bar to a really big grocery store.

Fredericksburg has not offered any incentives to businesses interested in locating in its technology zone yet.

Stafford’s Tim Baroody said the tool could be used to try to lure defense contractors to specific areas the county wants to redevelop.

As Beals reports:

"We’ve never been in the incentive business here in Stafford," Baroody said, explaining why the county hasn’t pursued the option, which has been available for years. "Our location sells itself.