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Lean times spark cooperation talk south of here

According to the Martinsville Bulletin the grim budget prospects that city is facing this year have them talking about two things you don’t see brought up all that often in Virginia:

City-county coopration:


“If there are specific programs or things we can do, maybe it is time for us to have a joint meeting with the (Henry County Board of) Supervisors and talk about some of these things,” said council member Gene Teague.



Johnson said later that the city school board has “made overtures to members of the county school board, not with regards to a direct merger, but working together.”

and city-county separation:

[City Attorney Eric] Monday also said now is a good time to “take a good, hard look at local government” and how it could be restructured across the state. With the 1986 moratorium on annexation by cities set to expire in 2010, the General Assembly seems more open to discussing local government reform, he said.


“Virginia has a 17th-century form of local government, and we’re the only state left in America that approaches local government that way,” Monday said. “The other 49 states in the union have found a way to approach it, and so can Virginia.”




  • lgross

    and yes.. Right ON!

    the competitive environment between adjacent
    jurisdictions causes land-use decisions that are
    focused not on what is best for the region but
    what is best for a local government.

    so we end up with things like semi-abandoned
    shopping centers.. and the commercial business
    venue war escalates …

    It also shows up in roads.

    Each local government is pursuing roads that
    best benefit them… and not necessarily the
    region as a whole.