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Grow up.

As a reporter, I’m always glad when stories I have written generate letters to the editor–even when the letters criticize the story. It means someone’s reading what I’ve written and that the story meant something to them.

So when two recent letters appeared taking the City Council to task for spending $10,000 to attend the recent Virginia Municipal League conference in Norfolk, it signaled that the story had resonated with at least two people in our area.

Too bad those two people don’t exist.

This letter by Nancy Hobsen, and this one by B. Curtis Richards (nice use of the first initial to signal authenticity, by the way) are, as far as the editorial staff can tell, submitted under fake names. A note on today’s letters page signals the mistake. 

Whoever wrote them knows at least something about the city budget, so I think there’s a good chance they read this blog. I’m always looking for a good story, so–since the phone numbers and addresses submitted with the letters were fake–I’m using the blog to seek a story subject.

To the writer or writers of the fake letters:

Who are you? Can I interview you for a human interest story?

As a child, did you have trouble signing your own name on your school papers? My teacher used to make me write my name 100 times if I forgot to put my name on a paper. Did you have to do that a lot?

How old are you, anyway? Like, 12?

What are you afraid of? Do you think the council members will seek revenge on you by making you stand on the steps of City Hall and read aloud every entry in Matt Kelly’s blog?

Are you planning to run for council in 2010? President in 2012?

Have you run for a council seat or for mayor in the past? 

Please call me at 374-5413 to schedule an interview.





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  • Tree_Sloth

    The drunken tree sloth wrote those letters.

  • morganne

    If that conference was as boring as it sounded it wouldn’t suprize me if the participants didn’t send the letters in themselves to keep from having to go again.

  • Pinevally

    ….she has a long history of doing exactly THIS. And YES, she reads this Blog. And when she reads my comments, her guilty dark mind will cloud over in a rage…& she will continue to seek revenge on all those she believes somehow betrayed her.

    She’s quite predictable.

    Note to the UNNAMED(because I’m much nicer than YOU):

    Keep it up, lonely one; and revel in your anger. You have no one to blame for your isolation but yourself. Grow up, indeed.

    And now that you’ve been outed, won’t you just go away, please? We’re all weary of your nonsense.