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Time in the presidential spotlight comes at a cost

UPDATE: Here is the document the city released detailing the costs of both political rallies. 

You’ll read in Wednesday’s paper that the visits by the Democratic and Republican presidential campaigns to Fredericksburg this fall cost a total of more than $20,000 in city services.

While most council members readily admit that the campaigns bring valuable attention to the city, several of them are also concerned that they put a drain on city resources at a time when resources are shrinking and costs are going up–meaning the tax payer could be facing more pressure come next spring.

So tonight, the council asked that the city bill both campaigns for the services it provided for the events.

USA Today recently wrote about the efforts by cities around the country to get similar reimbursements from these multi-million-dollar political operations. As you can read here, they aren’t often successful, and neither campaign wanted to talk about this matter for the paper’s story.

A little closer to home, Lynchburg was successful in getting a reimbursement from the Obama campaign for a shuttle service it provided to support an Obama rally at a city high school (apparently that city’s schools don’t have the same policy prohibiting political events as Fredericksburg schools do).


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