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Rumors, rumors

I just took my gazillionth call from a city resident wanting to know about this, so let me just get this out there:

Fredericksburg did not remove healthy trees from Hurkamp Park to accommodate the McCain-Palin campaign.

I know a lot of people in town are hearing otherwise, but the fact is that three DEAD trees were removed from Hurkamp a WEEK BEFORE the campaign rally was even on city officials’ radar screens.

The removal of the trees was part of previously planned park maintenance. It had nothing to do with the Palin rally whatsoever. The trees were removed after being inspected by city arborist and assistant public works director Dave King.

The largest tree removed was a maple that was deemed "cracked, storm-damaged, dangerous." An ash tree was removed because it was diseased and a holly tree was removed after the city tried to prune it, but found it was hollow and dangerous.

Too bad the trees didn’t have as much staying power as this rumor.

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