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Why Hurkamp?

I’ve talked to several people in line for the rally who have asked why the rally is in Hurkamp Park.

"It’s as if they intentionally made it as uncomfortable as they could," Stafford resident Pamela Wiegand said. She wondered why the rally couldn’t be held at the University of Mary Washington, where Barack Obama held his rally last month, or even at Maury Stadium, where the crowd could at least sit down.

I’ve been told by several city sources that Maury was not an option because it’s public school property, and therefore off-limits for political events, and because the field is still in use for athletic events, so if it became damaged by a rally, it would interfere with those.

As for UMW, we have been told the campaign did not approach the university, and we’re double-checking that.

UPDATE: UMW Spokeswoman Marty Morrison confirms that the university was not approached by the McCain campaign about today’s event.

"We would have been happy to have her here," she said. "The campaign did not contact us."

Stafford Republican Chairwoman Susan Stimpson said she thinks Hurkamp works nicely, because it’s situated in a small, quaint downtown setting and because it’s surrounded by small businesses–a constituency at which McCain’s tax argument is aggressively aimed. 

"I didn’t have an official say, but they did ask our input," Stimpson said. "I just think, what a great downtown feel."

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