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Happy Columbus Day!

UPDATE: On the riverfront land purchase, which some have e-mailed about, the purchase price is not $1.4 million, the council is being asked to appropriate all of that money because it’s what’s left in the riverfront park pot of money. The resolution states that $1 million is to go toward land acquisition, but we won’t know the exact purchase price until the city makes public the terms of the deal.

I don’t know about you, but I’m celebrating the holiday by reading the City Council agenda for tomorrow night. Does it get any more exciting? No comment. Some highlights:

- Everybody’s favorite burned-out skeleton of a building, 1200 Prince Edward Street, is back in the news. The owner has proposed to do some basic temporary maintenance to make the place look better while everybody tries to figure out what’s going to happen to it. Get the details on the cleanup here. The plan going forward is for the owner to submit a new application for a special exception to put condos in the building. The council, in a resolution it will consider tomorrow, will delay action on the spot blight action pending on the property until at least Jan. 13, 2009, to allow some time for this to happen. All the maintenance stuff also has to happen by then.

- It appears the city has struck a deal to buy the Wings on the Water property on Sophia Street, the last of three properties it set out to buy to start building a riverfront park downtown. The council tomorrow will be asked to appropriate the $1.4 million left of the money it had set aside for this purpose toward the purchase. The memo says there should be a little money left after that for some preliminary park planning, but building the park will cost more than $4 million–money the city doesn’t have right now and won’t have in the immediate future.

- A topic at the council retreat was the city’s role in preserving the environment. Council members added a phrase about it to their vision statement. The Lynchburg paper this weekend wrote about efforts there to put City Hall in a leadership role with regards to sustainability. Apparently the administration’s pretty pumped about the effort, but is having trouble getting a majority vote of support for it from the council members. Story here.