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Budget blues

In reference to today’s story on how the city ended the budget year, a couple of things to keep in mind:

- The state is going through the same budget problems. An Associated Press report today said general fund revenues for the first two months of this fiscal year were down almost two percent compared to last year, when budget writers had banked on them being up by about that same amount. Gov. Kaine has asked state agencies to propose plans for cutting their budgets by 5, 10 and 15 percent. Usually when the state cuts, it passes some of the pain down to local governments. Cities typically worry about seeing cuts to the money the state gives them to maintain police departments, as well as money for schools and for constitutional officers. The AP today reported that Kaine is expected to make his cuts by mid-October.

- City officials talked about how Fredericksburg has lost ground in the regional retail game back in February, as the council was just beginning to get into this year’s budget process. See this post for more on that, and a graph that plotted the city’s position relative to its neighbors over the last two years.

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