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Sold: Frederick Street warehouse

Fredericksburg has its share of stories that just don’t seem to go away. I am writing about one of those for tomorrow’s paper.

In the spring of 2006, a city-commissioned engineer’s report identified the old warehouse at or around 310 Frederick St. (the address has been a point of contention, but that’s another story) as one of the three most dilapidated, about-to-collapse buildings in downtown Fredericksburg.

The two other buildings in that report were demolished in the summer of 2006, prompting an outcry from preservationists, who thought the city should do more to prevent what they saw as demolition by neglect.

This building, which until Thursday was owned by the Janney-Marshall Co., was given several extensions on deadlines set by city property maintenance officials for its demolition or repair.

For a long time, a lot of people tried to find a buyer who could rehabilitate it. I remember being told it would be sold and its future secured before I got married. I will celebrate my second wedding anniversary this fall. There were deals that fell through, controversies over demolition permits and even a few court battles. None of this did much to reveal what the fate of the property would be.

But on Thursday, according to city court records, the warehouse property, which totals about four-tenths of an acre, was sold to the Cymrot family, which owns a lot of property in Fredericksburg’s historic downtown. Paul Cymrot, one of the new owners, has been one of the voices calling for this building to be saved all along.

More in tomorrow’s paper. In the meantime, here’s the deed filed Friday in the clerk’s office.

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