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Beating the censors

My home state is in the news today. Apparently, the North Carolina Division of Motor Vehicles was unaware that the three-letter combination "WTF," which had appeared on license plates, is a popular text-messaging abbreviation that invokes a four-letter profanity. Hint: That profanity starts with an F.

The DMV has offered free replacement plates to the roughly 10,000 people with WTF plates, and it is removing the demo plate on its Web site that happens to bear the unfortunate letter combination.

Well that’s great that the Tar Heel state is being so sensitive to folks who’d rather not think a bad word when they’re driving around town doing non-foul-minded errands. But up here in Virginia, the standards may not be so high.

I know that the Hokie/Wahoo rivalry is probably a bigger deal up here than the greatest rivalry in all of college basketball. But what, may I ask, did the Virginia DMV think the F on this plate stands for?

True but vulgar license plate

This plate was spotted outside of City Hall just before last night’s meeting. No, it is not my car.


  • daveduke

    I thought that guy was mad at ME!

    Thx Emily,