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Slavery Museum’s case for exemption

We wrote here about how the city and the Slavery Museum are at odds over what the law says about museum requests for real estate tax exemptions. If you’re interested in learning more about the museum’s argument, here is its attorney’s most recent letter to the city, which includes the Attorney General’s opinion that was referenced in Sunday’s article. For coverage of tonight’s debate on this, pick up Wednesday’s paper.


  • thatguyb

    G. Solley said it best when talking about the New Vision center exemption, either a property/business is exempt or they are not. As the slavery museum points out, the ordinance talks about an entity setup to either run or create a museum. Maybe it’s interpretation, but if eventually they are going to get it, then shouldn’t they get it all along – helping raise money/cut expenses — Plus they were previously paying on the order of $3k, not $42k, so the city got by with lower revenue from the property before, why not now.

  • Thatguyb

    Great spelling there on my prev post. The city attourney stated that the va state code the museum quoted would apply if they went to the city commissioner of revenue. Sounds like the museum will try that next. No one brought up that this wasn’t an issue when the tax bill was about 3k! At least one they start construction, it sounds like the city won’t have an issue with granting status.

  • interested

    lots of talk and not much action. i agree with kerry devine, the citizens of the ‘burg would like to see SOMETHING happening on that area. when the building starts, then the exemption should be extended. i still question whether or not this will ever take place.