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A few more things before I go home

- The council approved this agreement with the Cal Ripken Sr. Foundation, which calls for the city to provide $200,000 a year over two years to prepare the ball field site off Wicklow Drive. This was controversial during the budget discussions. Tonight, it passed unanimously with no discussion.

- After months and months of talk about this budget, the only comment tonight came from George Solley, who voted with everyone else for the budget ("We have to have a budget.") but voted against the tax rate. He supported the city manager’s original proposal to raise the tax rate to 58 cents. He said he objected to the cuts made to get it down two cents, along with the use of $400,000 more of city reserves, which accounts for one of those pennies. "I believe we will find ourselves in a worse position this time next year than we would have had we asked the citizens to pay an additional few dollars a month," he said. (Note: The council still has to take the second of the two votes required to pass the budget and tax rate at its June 24 meeting.)

- There are some Fredericksburg-related questions on the Weekly Challenge this week. I am sure some of you think I am just making a sales pitch when I mention this, but really, I am trying to win you awesome stuff like IMAX tickets at the National Air and Space Museum, free bowling, free beer and other prizes. If you read this blog you clearly pay attention, so go play the game!


  • daveduke

    You got away with publishing the phrase “free beer’! You are my new hero. Say hi to Bill.


    P.S. I really enjoy how you interject humor into your posts concerning these otherwise staid, stodgy, and drytoast-like subjects.