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Historic Half: The view from the course

The race reports from the Historic Half are trickling into the running-blog world. Here are some snippets of what folks thought about the event, and about the city:

- From "Charlie," the Chesapeake resident who writes "Running Nowhere Fast:"

"The race was actually very scenic running through quaint old town Fredericksburg with it’s shops, pubs, restaurants and boutiques, through neatly maintained neighborhoods, through tree lined paths next to raging rivers and starting and finishing in the modern large shopping centers, with broad streets, large motels and chain restaurants…and…lots of rolling hills…some not so rolling. The people were great cheering us on in the early morning. A fun race and I actually had a real good time…one to do again next year!"

Charlie notes that he ventured downtown to dine at Poppy Hill Tuscan Kitchen the night before the race. He also had this appropriate observation about the monster of a hill in front of Mary Washington Hospital:

"how appropriate…there is an Emergency Room direction sign pointing the way we are turning to go up the first long hill…I think it’s trying to tell us something."

- From a writer and mother of a Marine who traveled from upstate New York for the race:

"The course was very pretty, both old village streets, residential roads where children sat bundled in blankets to watch us run. We passed churches and a confederate cemetery, then a long stretch by the river. There were some gentle rolling hills but I knew that the real hill was ahead — a long, steep climb between miles 10 and 11."

- From a local attorney:

"The organization was excellent. The race started on time with plenty of support throughout the course. The first 3 miles were all down hill (that was my favorite part) and then it flattened out through a tour of downtown Fredericksburg. The city residents really came out to support the race. The streets were lined up with cheering fans."

- From a New Jersey artist:

"It was such a fun day. 5000 runners, 13.1 miles! The course was nice, and the weather was perfect, cool and overcast."


  • lgross

    I heard that next year they are planning on more sponsor support.

    Something about the First Annual Kalahari Fredericksburg Half-Marathon

    … naww.. must have been a weird dream

    …besides some of the folks would probably swallow their tongues…if that ever came to be