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Parts of the budget get first votes

No, they haven’t figured out what the real estate tax will be, but the City Council’s getting down to the wire on its budget talks, so they approved, on 7-0 votes, the schools budget and a few smaller fees for the next fiscal year. They had to take their first vote on the schools, because state law says they’ve got to take the second required vote by mid-May.

The proposed budget, which got approval last night, only gives the schools $1 million of the $2.2 million in additional city funds they’d wanted next year.

That could still change before the second vote, but nobody gave any clear indications tonight of where any additional money for schools might come from.

After these budget votes, Councilman Marvin Dixon made a statement about city budget priorities in voting against giving $1,000 for James Monroe High School’s after-prom party.

"We’re going to have to get used to saying ‘no’ to some people, even if it’s for small amounts," he said.

Matt Kelly cast the only other opposing vote on that measure.


  • thatguyb

    I commend Mr. Dixon for making a point (although a small one). That 1k, it’s also worth 33 trees, or 1/2 the funding for the area dispute resolution center. It’s 10% of the 10k missing from volunteer fire fighters. I completely understand why they might have to vote no for 1000 projects.

  • URkiddingright

    I hope everyone doesn’t focus on not getting the entire amount asked. They are still an INCREASE of one million dollars. This shouldn’t be looked at as a cut every time it is written up. I wonder what other localities have been able to increase their school budgets by in this economy…

  • thatguyb

    I didn’t hear too much on the 1M increase for schools. I’m pretty happy about that one. The previous comment was about starting to say no to the nickle and dime requests for a few 1000 here and there. The request last night was 1000 for the after prom party (probably worth it to keep students off streets late at night) that solicited two no votes on the premise they’re going to have learn to start telling people no.