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Monday notes

- About a half-dozen Master Gardeners were out at the site of the old Cossey water treatment plant this morning, marking paths with orange paint for a garden/park they’re working with the city to install at that site. City crews will be physically clearing the mulch paths, and once that’s done, the Master Gardeners will probably be back out to do some planting. Click here for the plan the City Council approved for the park. You can read more about this effort in the paper later this week, but the park is going to be created mostly with volunteer labor and contributions.

- I’m heading out to the Hazel Hill community this evening, where I’m told City Council candidates will be speaking at a meeting.

- The city is reminding folks that Fredericksburg has gone decal-free. That means you don’t have to slap a new sticker on your windshield once you’re done scraping the old one off. It doesn’t mean that you stop paying the $20 "decal fee." You just won’t get a decal for it. In fact, if you do want a decal (completely optional, but you need it if you park in the city-only VRE lot), you’ll have to pay $2 for it at the treasurer’s office.