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Kalahari gives $500k for Sandusky school’s football field

Just saw this on the Sandusky paper’s Web site.


  • artlovinmom

    You mean Kalahari might just be a good addition to our community??

  • mydar

    Common for a business entity with a vested interest to make a donation to a local cause or program to generate positive public relations. A business does not give money (make an investment )without seeking some return(political, pr, etc.)

  • artlovinmom

    So you’re saying tht you expect businesses to donate half a mil to schools? It’s thinking like that, that leads to class envy. Look around at most fundraisers and see who sponsors them….usually businesses, definately not bitter individuals like you. You really should be more appreciative to businesses.

  • mydar

    I am stating the (seemingly) obvious position: businesses are motivated by profit. That drive can be direct or indirect. To couch it it in its most base form: no business gives away money expect nothing in return.