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Some notes

Mostly leftovers from last night, but a few new twists:

  • I woke up this morning and realized I’d left out of my story Mayor Tom Tomzak’s remarks following the vote on the Capital Ale House incentives package. Here they are in their entirety: "Welcome to the ‘hood."
  • There’s been some discussion in the comments below today’s story about the accuracy of the headline, "City giving $100k to Capital Ale House." There are cases to be made on both sides of this, but I’d say from a literal standpoint, we don’t have an error here. By the end of this 10-year agreement, the city will have granted the Ale House a total of $100,000. That’s a combination of an up-front grant from the EDA and a series of tax rebates, as explained in this memo. The argument we usually hear about a headline like this is that it does not convey the fact that the city will bring in an estimated $1.7 million in new revenue over the same period it’s giving out the incentives grants, although that information is in the story. Headlines are short, and they should convey what’s unique about a particular event. In this case, that’s the use of incentives to attract a new business.
  • Ahead of last night’s work session on the Kalahari incentives package (which the council went into closed session to discuss after last night’s meeting), Councilwoman Debby Girvan sent this memo out in a mass e-mail. It includes some of the remarks she made at the work session.
  • The grounds of the old Cossey water treatment plant appear to be slated for development as what government types call a "passive recreation area." That basically means a pretty place to go be outside. We hope to tell you more about this soon.