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Houses: How big is too big, and who gets to make the call?

Look for a story in Saturday’s paper about a proposed ordinance meant to deal with houses that some feel are out of scale in older city neighborhoods.

The Planning Commission has spent months working on the proposed new rules. Planning staff combed through real estate data to look at average home sizes in existing neighborhoods to try to craft reasonable rules.

Still, some worry that the proposal could be too drastic.

Click here to read the proposed ordinance. The council will hold a public hearing on it March 25.

Also, Roy McAfee was the only Planning Commissioner to vote against recommending the new rules. He submitted a statement explaining his vote. Get a copy here.


  • thatguyb

    Check with the city, I believe there is an update that was presented at the working session that included a provision to measure the 27ft starting at the flood plane elevation, so as not to penalize homes built in the 100yr flood zone.