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Non-waterpark-related goings-on in Fredericksburg

Tired of hearing the K-word (and I’m not talking about this guy)? Don’t worry, there’s plenty of other stuff on tap for Tuesday’s council meeting.

  • Last spring, it was reassessments, not waterslides, that had people in town talking. On Tuesday, we’ll hear from the Board of Equalization, which spent the past few months hearing people complain about their assessments. From their report, it looks like they decreased assessments for 70 properties, raised them for nine properties, and ended up bringing the total assessed value of land in the city down by about $21 million.
  • One former frequent commenter at City Council meetings called me after the big announcement in November to say he didn’t need a waterpark hotel–his waterpark was the Rappahannock River. Well, there’s some news on that front, too. The council will vote on a contract to buy Franklin Liebenow’s property at 713 Sophia St. This is the second of two parcels the city wants to build a riverfront park down there. These land buys are being financed with the proceeds of bonds the council agreed to issue at this meeting. More in Tuesday’s paper.
  • Maybe we’ll hear from Hugh Cosner again.