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Decals no more in Fred

Next spring will be the last time Fredericksburg residents open their mailboxes and receive a car decal from the city. The decal you get next spring will be a permanent sticker, since the City Council last night voted to do away with the annual decals that adorn cars now.

You only have to stick the new permanent decal on your windshield if you want city identification on your car to gain access to the landfill, the city recycling site on Belman Road or the city-only VRE lot.

And don’t even think about giving your decal to a Spotsylvania commuter eager to gain a city parking spot. It will have your license plate number on it, and if the city police catch it on someone else’s car (or on your car, if you move out of the city) there will be a $500 fine to pay.

The end of decals doesn’t mean the end of the $20 registration fee you pay to get them. You’ll still see that in your personal property tax bill.

We’ll have more in the paper later this week, but in the years to come, if you want a permanent decal for a new car you’ve bought or for one that has been damaged, you’ll have to call or visit the city treasurer’s office. More details here.