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Question Everything (but you’ve gotta answer first)

City Councilman Matt Kelly has entered the local blogosphere with this blog, which he set up over the weekend.

Kelly said he wants to create dialog on issues that the council is considering, solicit opinions and answer questions.

He said he hopes he can keep the discussion a bit more civil than some of the comment threads on recent FLS stories (like this one), and he’s made a rule that he wants commenters to answer one of his questions before they ask one. 

“Hopefully, it stays at a level of dialog that will be worthwhile,” Kelly said.

Local government officials blogging, and the question of how to keep the discussions civil are not a novelty. Here are some examples of local elected officials blogging, and here’s another newspaper editor’s take on how to keep people from throwing blind insults.

Incidentally, I do appreciate the recent comments that have been posted here, and I hope more people will take the time to register with FredTalk (Yes, it’s a bit cumbersome, but you only have to do it once.) and offer comments or questions. This blog is meant as a way to make reporting less of a one-way communication with readers, and I do value the feedback I’ve gotten so far.