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A new voice

If you’re a parent, teacher, volunteer or other actor in the Fredericksburg city school system, you might want to check out the Fredericksburg Schools Parent-Teacher Blog, which was recently created by Walker Grant Middle School teacher Kim Comerford. I asked Comerford a few questions about her blog’s debut. Here’s what she had to say:

How did you decide to start this blog, and why did you choose a blog over other formats for getting information out?

I’m a school employee AND a parent of children who attend FCPS.  Many parents ask me questions about school issues, often ones I can’t answer.  I thought we needed a forum to discuss questions and issues; many parents have similar questions that could be answered through the blog. 

As an employee, I come across issues that parents don’t hear or know about.  I think they should know what is happening in their children’s schools. I chose a blog because it’s cheap and it’s a good way to communicate.  I thought of a newsletter, but that’s a lot of work.  However, the blog could lead to some type of newsletter in the future. I think everyone has access to a computer these days, if they really want to get their comment out there they can.


What are your goals for this blog?

My goals are on the blog.  Basically, I want to create a constructive dialogue among anyone involved in FCPS.  I REALLY want administrators, teachers, and other employees to address any issues that parents might raise on the blog.  Answers are a must.


Are you the sole author, or are other contributors going to write content (aside from comments). If so, who are your co-authors?

I welcome any other contributors. Right now, there are a few listed – I’m trying to recruit more.  But I’m the moderator.


Anything else you’d like folks to know?

Just that I’m hoping it will be a successful constructive blog.  I don’t want a bunch of yacking and gossiping going on. 


In case you missed the link above, you can get to Comerford’s blog by clicking here. I’m always on the lookout for new forums for city discussion, so if you maintain a blog about Fredericksburg stuff, let me know at