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Sewage treatment plant working again

I’m told that as of 5:45 p.m., the city had a replacement pump working in its wastewater treatment plant. They’re still warning people to stay away from that part of the river as a precaution, and Stafford County’s Falmouth Beach remains closed, but things should be getting back to normal. Here is how the city described the water that the malfunctioning plant was putting into the river in today’s release:

“The material going into the Rappahannock River is treated wastewater that typically enters the river. The failure of the pump that moves the wastewater to the Spotsylvania County FMC Wastewater Treatment plant caused a substantial increase in the volume of wastewater in the City plant. During this time, the plant was unable to treat the wastewater as thoroughly as normal, leading to the decreased quality of discharge. With the portable pump in place, the transfer of wastewater to the FMC plant will resume, allowing the City plant to improve the quality of discharge. The failed pump has now been repaired and will be put back online Thursday morning.”