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Historic District endangered?

The Association for the Preservation of Virginia Antiquities thinks so. Today they put Fredericksburg on their list of the Most Endangered Historic Sites in Virginia for 2007.

Read the press release here.

Here’s what they had to say about the city:

Also designated as most endangered was the Old and Historic Fredericksburg District (HFD), a 50-block historic area encompassing the Fredericksburg downtown business district and its immediate surrounding residential neighborhoods. It is Fredericksburg’s recent history and the very success of its historic district that now paradoxically threatens the downtown area. The vibrant historic district has had a tremendous positive impact on property values downtown, a double-edged sword. Increased property values have not prompted the major landholders to invest more in their properties. Rather, vacant lots have become more valuable as investments than lots with buildings in advanced stages of disrepair. Demolition has become an economically lucrative option that the protection afforded by the historic district seems incapable of stopping. Fredericksburg and its Architectural Review Board seem to have lost their respect for the collective whole of the historic district, instead looking at individual properties and making decisions in a piecemeal and arbitrary fashion.