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Growing pains

Complaints about the trailers the University of Mary Washington recently put up on College Avenue were ringing in City Council members’ ears last night as they asked Rick Hurley, UMW’s vice president for administration and finance, to answer questions about them.

Hurley explained that the trailers are holding all the people the university had to move out of Lee Hall before renovating it. After that project is finished, the school will begin work on Monroe Hall, so the trailers could stick around for more than two years, although Hurley said the university plans to screen them more from the neighborhood than they are now.

During the discussion, several council members asked whether it’s time for city and university leaders to start talking more often and more formally about the university’s growth plans. 

Councilman Matt Kelly pointed out that as the university buys more private property, like the two houses on College Avenue it recently reached a deal on, it will take more and more land off the city tax rolls. And since city zoning (and parking) rules don’t apply to state institutions, the city has limited ability to shape the university’s growth plans.