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Downtown parking, to be continued…

The downtown parking discussion continued at last night’s City Council meeting, with city resident Tom Byrnes and downtown business owner Kyle Snyder making almost identical pleas for the city to make the draft of the Desman Associates parking study public, and to immediately require that all city employees use the parking deck at the corner of Sophia and Wolfe streets so they won’t take up spots on the street.

Vice Mayor Kerry Devine said “it’s a little bit difficult to wave a magic wand tonight,” but she did ask that the council sit down with the Planning Commission as soon as possible to talk about all of the ideas that have been suggested for easing the burden that the parking ordinance places on downtown developers.

Councilman Marvin Dixon said the city needs to look at “the full menu of options” that staff, the Planning Commission and city residents have brought up to address the problem, not just the proposal to allow developers to pay a fee instead of providing required parking.

That proposal caused some of the uproar that has been coming from a handful of city residents, who are upset that the city continues to consider the idea, despite the fact that Desman recommended against it in a draft of its parking study.

You can take a look at those pages, which were not included in the final version of the report that was made public, here:

City Manager Phillip Rodenberg has said this section was cut because all it did was argue against the fee proposal, when the city had initially asked Desman to tell it how to implement such a program.

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  • Geezer94

    It is very troubling when city officials do not practice full disclosure of city documents or studies that have been funded by taxpayer dollars. Whatever the results or conclusions, censorship is not an option even when political considerations are not a mitigating factor.