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Many teachers feel stressed daily

stressteacher Teachers are stressed. And students could be paying the price.

In a study released Wednesday, Gallup researchers found that nearly half of all American teachers feel stress daily. And only 30 percent feel engaged in their work, meaning they feel committed to and enthusiastic about their job, according to the State of America’s Schools Report.

And that lack of engagement affects students, the report stated:

“ Disengaged teachers are less likely to bring the energy, insights, and resilience that effective teaching requires to the classroom. They are less likely to build the kind of positive, caring relationships with their students that form the emotional core of the learning process.”

So teachers are feeling stressed and in many cases just going through the motions of their jobs. The report found that 46 percent of teachers feel stress daily, making teachers more stressed out than physicians (about 45 percent of whom feel stress daily); construction workers (38 percent feel stressed daily); and forestry workers, farmers or fishermen (33 percent feel stress daily).

Despite that stress, teachers are more likely to be satisfied with their lives than people in most other professions.

The report also found that about half of American students feel engaged in school, while 30 percent show signs of being “success ready,” which means they are engaged in school, hopeful for the future and have a good quality of life.

Want to know more? You can click here to get your own copy of the report.

Area teachers, what do you think? Do you feel daily stress at work? Are you feeling engaged in the job?