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Are you smarter than a fourth grader?

Do you know what flourish means? How about concealed? Underestimate? These are some of the words that showed up on a national vocabulary test for fourth graders.

If you know those words, you’re in line with most of Virginia’s fourth graders. They scored well on the tests and only Massachusetts fourth graders scored better.

Virginia’s eighth graders also outscored their nationwide peers. The commonwealth’s eighth graders had the fourth-highest scores in vocabulary and reading comprehension.

Governor Bob McDonnell said:

“I congratulate Virginia’s reading teachers — and teachers in all subjects who strive to expand their students’ vocabularies — for making such a difference in the lives of their students. Reading skills are critical. That is why I worked with the General Assembly this year to increase funding for early reading intervention services for young readers who need extra help and to require schools to partner with parents in developing plans to help these students before they are promoted to the fourth grade.”

Click here to answer sample questions from the fourth-grade vocabulary test and see if you really are smarter than a fourth grader.