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Migraines may hamper learning

I’ve been suffering from a storm-induced migraine for the past two days, so I was especially interested in this new study published in the journal Neurology.

Children who suffer from migraines perform worse in school than those who don’t, the study found. They are also more likely to miss school than students with other headaches.

Researchers looked at 5,671 Brazilian children ages 5 to 12, discovering that those with migraine were 30 percent more likely to perform badly in school than those with no headaches.

Students whose migraines lasted longer or were more severe were even more likely to have trouble in school.

“With approximately one-fourth of school-age children having headaches with migraine features, this is a serious problem, especially for those with frequent, severe attacks that do not subside quickly,” said study author Marcelo E. Bigal, MD, PhD, of Merck & Co. ”Parents and teachers need to take these headaches seriously and make sure children get appropriate medical attention and treatment.”

If your child has migraines, you can try to prevent the headaches by making sure child gets enough sleep, has a calm morning routine, drinks plenty of water and has some sort of downtime every day.