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Phillips to resign from School Board

Doreen Phillips resigned from the Stafford County School Board, effective Nov. 1.

Phillips represents the Hartwood District and has served on the School Board since 2006. This summer, she moved from Stafford to Fredericksburg, which prompted the Stafford registrar to question her eligibility to remain on the board.

In a letter to the School Board, Ms. Phillips stated that this decision to resign has not been easy.  She said:

“At no time did I intentionally take any actions that would not allow me to fulfill the duties required of me by the voters in the Hartwood district. But if remaining on the Board will take time and effort to prove my intentions, rather than the focus remaining on educating the children of our school division, I will gladly step aside.  The attention of the school division should be first and foremost on providing quality educational opportunities for our students, and not the actions of School Board members. I appreciate the opportunity to serve the citizens of the Hartwood District for the past seven years.  I have tried to serve them well, while knowing I was also responsible for all of the students in our school division. I am confident that the school board and our professional staff will continue to make decisions that are in the best interest of our students.  I will remain a loyal supporter and hope we can continue the mission of being one of the best school divisions in Virginia.”

Al Watkins, a teacher at Colonial Forge High School, spoke about Phillips at Tuesday night’s School Board meeting. Watkins called Phillips “the greatest advocate” for Stafford County students.

School Board Chairwoman Stephanie Johnson echoed that sentiment in an interview today, saying:

“Mrs. Phillips has put a lot of time and effort into serving the students and citizens of Hartwood and Stafford County as a whole. I hate to see her go.” 

Ms. Phillips was first elected to the Stafford County School Board in November 2005 and was re-elected to a second term in 2009.  Her daughters, Megan and Grace attended Stafford County Public Schools and both graduated from Colonial Forge High School.

In order to fill the vacant Hartwood School Board seat within by Dec. 15, the School Board will follow the same procedures used to fill the Garrisonville District seat earlier this year.  Applications will be accepted through Nov. 16, from qualified citizens of the Hartwood District.  Information on the process and the application may be found here.