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Stafford School Board to Discuss OPEB, Auto Tech Program, Practice Fields

In a work session Tuesday the Stafford County school board will discuss financial and facility issues facing the district.

The board will first receive information and recommendations on $6 million in contributions to the school retirees’ benefits fund.

Money going to the “Other Post Employment Benefits” trust fund is part of the county public schools’ health benefits fund for employees and retirees and has been a source of conflict with the Stafford Board of Supervisors for the past two budget years.

They will also discuss whether to include an automotive tech program and practice fields at the new Stafford High School, to open in 2015.

Citizens of Stafford County have been vocal about the inclusion of the program and fields at the new school at recent board meetings, saying that students will loose study time when travelling to practice fields and that the automotive program is a necessary course offering.

Finally, the board will consider matters relating to financial reporting an accounts during the work session.

The board will then convene for a regular business meeting.