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Do you tweet in school? Attend summer school?

Hi everyone! I’m working on two possible stories and would love to talk with some people involved:

1. Summer school: The Stafford County school budget cut summer school this year (but not mandated extended school year services for children in special education). I’d love to talk with teachers who planned to teach this summer for additional income and with parents and students who needed to attend summer school to graduate or go on to the next grade.

2. Tweeting in school: Are you a student who tweets during school? A teacher who’s had to deal with tweeting students? A teacher who has no problems with students tweeting? This story isn’t limited to Stafford County, by the way. I’m just trying to see how widespread this is and if it has any impact on education.

If you have something to say about either topic, please get in touch: or 540/735-1973.